Migrant workers make an important contribution to the Dutch economy and society. However, there is a growing shortage of suitable housing for migrant workers and other specific target groups, including students and people who urgently need housing. KAFRA offers these target groups suitable housing and develops, realises and operates high-quality temporary housing solutions.

Active management
KAFRA’s strategic value is our capacity to actively take charge of all aspects of housing with our Living as a Service concept. It means we take responsibility for the entire housing cycle of every migrant worker. We focus on the realisation and development of high-quality facilities, social activities such as education and integration, and optimising home-work transport. At KAFRA, we play an active role by maintaining continuous contact with all stakeholders, including the employer, the employee, local government services and the local community. KAFRA focuses on achieving optimal cohesion in the provision of temporary housing for migrant workers.

Innovative temporary housing solutions
The most suitable housing solution depends on the local situation and possibilities. That’s why KAFRA offers four different housing solutions to respond effectively to local needs and wishes: KAFRA TOWERSLabour HotelsMobile Homes and the transformation of existing buildings.

Thanks to our unique and innovative housing solutions, KAFRA has set the new standard in housing for these target groups. All homes are state-of-the-art, are fully and tastefully fitted and have all modern conveniences and facilities. We also continually strive to improve the standard by optimising the quality of our homes and associated services.

Working together with partners
Although we adopt an active approach to managing our facilities, that certainly doesn’t mean KAFRA does everything in house. KAFRA has chosen to work with specialised (local) agencies and service and management partners. These local partners have a better understanding of the local market conditions. They also have the knowledge and skills to provide effective service and management. This approach also protects our independence as housing managers.

Thanks to our partnership with Lento.eu, the housing platform for migrant workers, the available housing can be viewed and rented fully digitally. Lento makes it easier for agencies and employers to separate the provision of housing and employment in accordance with the recommendations of the Roemer committee for migrant worker standards.