The housing market in the Netherlands is experiencing a major supply shortage. There is an acute shortage of more than 315,000 homes, which means groups including students, starters, young families and other (urgent) home seekers cannot find suitable homes. A similar situation affects migrant workers, as there is an estimated shortage of 150,000 homes for migrant workers. The housing shortage leads to various adverse effects, including long travel times to and from work, undesirable housing conditions, limited opportunities for residents to move to other homes, rising rental and house prices and a negative impact on the regional business climate.

Good solutions for local housing needs

Although the situation is urgent, authorities are still focusing too little on solutions and are failing to turn promises into action. The causes include a lack of suitable land for new projects, time-consuming procedures and poor communication with and/or support from local communities. As an expert in creating living space, KAFRA understands that finding suitable locations can be complex, which is why we have developed several unique housing concepts that deliver tailor-made solutions for every local situation and for all needs and wishes. KAFRA also actively takes charge of the management of our housing facilities to give residents a safe and secure home, to maintain good relations with all stakeholders and to minimise the chance of nuisance.

KAFRA is currently in contact with dozens of municipalities to discuss their local needs. We are keen to speak to municipalities and other stakeholders to explore local wishes and opportunities. We can also organise a working visit to one of our housing facilities. Interested? Please contact us without obligation.