KAFRA – The new standard in temporary housing

Urgent shortage of suitable housing
There is a major shortage of suitable housing for migrant workers and other specific target groups in the Netherlands. To address this quantitative and qualitative shortage, KAFRA develops, realises and manages innovative temporary housing concepts. Our specific target groups include migrant workers, students and people who urgently need housing.

The new standard
KAFRA’s spacious housing facilities offer outstanding comfort and have modern living and relaxation facilities. We continually raise the bar by investing to improve the quality and service we provide, so we can facilitate residents even better. KAFRA actively takes charge of all aspects of our facilities. We work with specialist partners to create an optimal housing and living experience for migrant workers and their employers. By managing, initiating and improving all aspects of the housing cycle, KAFRA can realise and operate high-quality temporary housing with a good price-quality ratio. 

There is a huge demand for temporary housing for specific target groups in our country. We believe in a society where specific target groups – including migrant workers – have access to high-quality housing solutions and can participate in the community.

We advocate for and realise innovative temporary housing solutions for specific target groups. In the coming years, we will focus on answering the demand for temporary housing for large groups of migrant workers, students and people who urgently need housing.