Employers and temp agencies

The shortage in the labour market in the Netherlands has increased dramatically in the past few years. Increasing demand for labour, falling unemployment and an ageing population mean that more and more companies and industries are facing a shortage of suitable employees. Many employers are actively recruiting migrant workers to meet the demand for labour and keep their production processes running.

Good housing to engage and retain employees

Employers and temporary employment agencies that recruit temporary migrant workers to come to the Netherlands are also responsible for providing them with suitable housing. Many choose not to do so themselves (to eliminate ‘double dependency’ for housing and employment) and instead choose to outsource this to housing organisations such as KAFRA Housing. KAFRA Housing specialises in developing and managing temporary housing facilities for migrant workers. We provide high-quality housing facilities that comply with modern standards and have all desired modern conveniences and facilities.

KAFRA Housing relieves employers of all responsibility for housing migrant workers, home-work transport and managing the housing facility. Our high-quality housing facilities offer outstanding living comfort. Employers can reap the benefits of satisfied, healthy employees and lower absence rates. Because we actively take charge of all aspects of the housing cycle and thanks to our large-scale approach, national coverage and continuous professionalisation, KAFRA can offer higher quality for an optimal price.

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