The KAFRA Californië project by KAFRA Housing consists of 200 Mobile Homes for 400 migrant workers and 400 Ukrainian refugees. Each Mobile Home is spaciously designed, fully fitted and energy efficient (well insulated, heated without natural gas, fully electric and meets the standards set by the Roemer committee for migrant worker housing). There are 175 Mobile Homes with one two-person room and two single rooms and 25 Mobile Homes with two studios. These are ideal for couples. Every resident has their own bedroom to guarantee sufficient privacy.

The residents of each Mobile Home share an open kitchen, common space, shower and separate toilet. The double studios are specially designed to allow couples who wish their own independent living space to live together. Each studio has a spacious bedroom and its own kitchen, shower and toilet. All Mobile Homes are fully furnished and have a contemporary design and all modern conveniences.

Professional Welfare Officers are also available on site to give residents intensive guidance, to provide service and management and to manage relations with the local community. They speak several languages, including English, Ukrainian, Polish and Bulgarian.