Project developers

The Netherlands is facing an urgent housing shortage. In recent years, the housing shortage has increased to more than 315,000 homes. At least 845,000 homes must be built in the coming decade to eliminate this shortage. However, that is easier said than done. Time-consuming (permit) procedures, unsuitable sites, objections by local communities and a rigid attachment to traditional housing solutions are holding back real progress towards building more homes.

Unique housing concept for many different sites

KAFRA Housing has a solution that can help to reduce the national housing shortage. We actively take charge of the realisation and operation of unique temporary housing concepts for various target groups. KAFRA works with its partners to deliver tailor-made solutions for every local situation, from new-build locations near industrial estates to the transformation of empty office buildings. Thanks to the variety of housing concepts we offer, KAFRA can respond optimally to the possibilities on every plot and/or in every municipality, for example a KAFRA TOWER on a small site or a large-scale Mobile Home Park on larger sites. An added benefit is that these concepts require only temporary environmental permits (10 + 5 years), which allows them to be realised rapidly.

Do you have suitable sites for the realisation of temporary housing facilities and would you like to develop new housing facilities with KAFRA? Then please contact us without obligation!