KAFRA TOWER provides tailor-made solutions for temporary housing
The KAFRA TOWER is the latest innovation from KAFRA Housing. The KAFRA TOWER is a small-scale, modular living complex with spacious, fully fitted apartments. Every KAFRA TOWER consists of four floors as standard, but can also be built with fewer or more floors. Each floor is divided into four separate four-person apartments.
Each apartment has its own living room with an open kitchen, shower and separate toilet. Every resident also has their own bedroom (with double rooms for couples) to guarantee sufficient privacy. The living areas are spacious, fully furnished and have all modern conveniences.
Each KAFRA TOWER has two laundrettes. Common facilities can also be realised, including a fitness area, supermarket, relaxation spaces, sports fields and classrooms for training. All these facilities help residents feel completely at home and enhance the quality of life and social facilities in the local area.

Flexible, scalable and sustainable
The modular design of the KAFRA TOWER makes this solution extremely flexible: the scale, design and plot layout can be adapted to the specific situation, the target group(s) to be housed and other requirements.
Thanks to the spacious design, private facilities and small scale, the KAFRA TOWER exceeds the SNF standard and meets all current requirements. The KAFRA TOWER is also very sustainable: it is constructed using sustainable materials, is energy efficient, is heated without natural gas and has solar panels. KAFRA TOWERS are also realised in beautiful surroundings with plenty of outdoor space and extensive green areas.


  • Very flexible scale, location, design and fit-out options
  • Spacious, fully fitted apartments with sufficient privacy
  • Various living, sports and relaxation facilities possible
  • (24/7) professional service and management