As well as realising new housing facilities, KAFRA optimises the operation, service and management of the housing facilities. Professional management of housing facilities is essential to offer migrant workers outstanding housing and to support them effectively. KAFRA invests in excellent management for its facilities to guarantee residents the best possible living comfort.

Living as a Service
Living as a Service means facilitating the temporary stay of migrant workers in the Netherlands. KAFRA ensures that employees can live comfortably by providing local facilities and activities on site or nearby. KAFRA also pays attention to maintaining good relations with the local community, so that workers can also use local recreational facilities, for example by joining a local football club, fitness club or community association. We give migrant workers optimal service and let them focus on the reason why they originally came to the Netherlands: to work.

Intensive management
All our locations are intensively managed by professional, multilingual Welfare Officers who are present 24/7. The Welfare Officers are responsible for the welfare of residents, for ensuring they are properly informed and for communicating with the local community. They act as a central point of contact for residents, the local community and other stakeholders. The Welfare Officers are also responsible for enforcing the house rules in place at every location. Thanks to the transparent communication and information provision, residents know exactly what to expect.

The management of our locations can be divided into five main roles:

  • Supporting and guiding residents (on arrival, during their stay and on departure)
  • Administration: recording and managing resident and visitor details
  • Regular quality inspections and ensuring compliance with house rules
  • Technical maintenance and cleaning
  • Education, communication and stakeholder management